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The company logo design along with branding represents your business in ways more than one. It is practically the face of your business. Thus, you need to make sure that your business logo is designed by professionals who know what they are doing as well as understand your precise requirements.

What Goes Into The Making Of An Excellent Logo Design?

The company logo design along with branding represents your business in ways more than one. It is practically the face of your business. Thus, you need to make sure that your business logo is designed by professionals who know what they are doing as well as understand your precise requirements. Evaluating your business logo design is too significant to avoid. However, evaluating your logo design is no rocket science and you can do it without any assistance. Here is what goes into the making of an excellent business logo design that would help you get the perfect logo design from your designer. 


The best company logo design is the one that clearly conveys whatever you want it to represent. Whether it is an emotion or an idea, your business logo design must be simple enough to convey it and impactful enough to impress your audience. Bold lines, flat shapes and clear yet concise designs are signs of company logos that are both understandable and relatable.

Sometimes, owners want elaborate designs in their logo simply because they want it to be impactful and leave the audience wondering about it. However, it is absolutely unnecessary and may lead to confusion. Trying to tell your audience a lot of things via a simple icon is not a good idea. Especially when it represents your brand identity and the organisation’s values. 

To suffice it, your company logo shouldn’t be a graphic poem or a riddle, instead, it should be a decent icon to symbolise your brand.


Another significant logo design feature most small business owners tend to forget while designing their company logo is adaptability. Your business logo must be readable at all sizes. After all your logo might one day make it to a postage stamp, letterhead or a billboard. Thus, you must consider all the possibilities your logo might be used for. Will it look as effective and clear on a black background instead of white? In a nutshell, being a business owner, you must certainly plan ahead while designing your logo. Professional logo designers, such as Digital Forest, will provide you with a logo style guide that helps you determine the best way to use your logo in a variety of instances and content.

Finesse and Creativity

A logo is nothing if not a piece of art. Similar to any art, a logo must be able to connect with the audience by evoking feelings and emotions. Thus, a great logo design is the one that is most relatable to the audience. A logo designed with creativity and finesse is a perfect blend of layout, graphics, colours and font. Such a logo can instantly talk to your audience in just a glance and puts forth your brand’s identity with a meaningful elegant impact. All this can be achieved only if your logo has a touch of artistry and creativity. 

The aesthetic aspects of a logo can be categorised into four fundamentals. By evaluating your business logo design on the basis of these aspects, you can be sure that your logo design is going to create just the perfect amount of impact on your audience.


The font is certainly the most essential element in a logo. Some prominent logos are nothing but the brand’s name written in the perfect font. The font should be classy, elegant, legible, and most-importantly minimalistic.


Colours have a special role to play when it comes to making an impact on the human mind. You might want to choose a colour palette for your brand prior to designing a logo and then work with that palette accordingly. Choose a colour that best describes your brand. For instance, if your brand deals with kid’s accessories, then bright colours such as yellow, pink and blue can be your best bet. Likewise, beige and warmer tones work great for giving your brand an elegant touch. Make sure to balance out the major colours with neutral or light colours.


Having an icon in your company logo design is not a necessity. However, if you feel the need for an icon, you should go with something that is truly relevant to your brand’s values. Anything that is too complicated to be perceived in an instant should be avoided. With logo design, less is often more!


All the above elements must come together in a perfect way to create an outstanding yet simplistic visual that not just instantly appeals but make a remarkable impact on the audience. All the elements must go with each other in perfect harmony. Avoid any kind of font-icon, icon-colour, etc. clashes. 


Here’s Why Digital Forest Logo Design Is The Best

Extensive Experience

Our logo design has delivered hundreds of satisfactory and impactful logo designs to clients across Australia. We have helped businesses of all kinds and sizes to create a poignant corporate identity – thus we can proudly say that our designers have extensive logo design experience.

Best-in-class Quality

Although our logo designers are competent enough to get the job done as required, they are directed and supervised by our expert Art Director. This ensures that your logo has that corporate touch with the right proportion of artistry. Thus, the end product is a best-in-class logo.


As opposed to logo maker software and cheap logo design templates, we make sure your logo is absolutely professional and customised. However, we offer our logo design services at highly affordable prices so that any small business in Australia can easily afford it. 

Artistic Approach

A logo is your brand identity. It represents your business and speaks a lot of things about it. However, a logo is nothing if not artistic. Our designers are art-enthusiasts who would give your corporate and business logo a unique artistic touch that your audience would definitely relate with.

Meticulous Design

The fact that our logo design team is happy to make any amount of customisations you require in your logo, proves that we design your logo as meticulously as possible. We understand the importance of details in logo design and incorporate as many changes as you need. 

Client Satisfaction

With an industry-best client satisfaction rate, we are proud to say that our logo designs have been appreciated by clients all across Australia. Our approach, process and precise tailoring of the logo design makes us a leading business logo design agency in Australia.

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